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Safety is one of our main priorities at Albany Middle School.  In order to maintain awareness of those on campus, we utilize surveillance cameras, cellular phones, walkie talkies, and School Resource Officers.  If you would like to visit our campus, please enter through the front doors of the school and walk directly into the office to check-in.  All other entrances are for employees and students only.  If you need to check-out your child, request records, or have a parent/teacher conference, we require a photo ID before proceeding.  Only those listed on your child's information card will be allowed to check-out your child from school.  If you are scheduled to go anywhere else on campus, you will be issued a visitor pass.  Your child's safety is as important to us as it is to you.  Thank you for your support, cooperation, and understanding.



John Hill




Students MUST have health insurance to try-out for and participate in any team sport or activity.  If students do not have insurance, a policy may be purchased from the following school-sponsored insurance company:


Dating Violence
According to LA R.S. 17:81, all Louisiana school districts are required to:

  • Provide age and grade appropriate classroom instruction relative to dating violence for students grades seven through twelve.

  • Provide instruction to all school employees having contact with students in such grades. Instruction shall include the definition of dating violence, warning signs of dating violence, and how to properly address suspects of dating violence involving students.

  • Include the definition of dating violence in student code of conduct.

  • Collect data about the number of incidents of dating violence reported to school employees and actions taken by school employees to assist victims of dating violence.

For more information, you may visit



The front office DOES NOT, under any circumstances, accept cash as payment. Personal checks, cashier checks, money orders, and/or debit/credit card payments are allowed. Debit/Credit card payments are allowed over the phone, as well. If you have any CASH payments, please send them through your student. They may turn it into their Homeroom teacher for it to be receipted as our policy directs. 

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