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2022-2023 CLUBS


4-H in Livingston Parish is a part of a local, state, national, and international youth program open to 4th-12th grade students.  The goal of 4-H is to have youth develop life skills that help them succeed through hands-on experiences.  Some of these life skills include leadership, responsibility, dedication, communication, and self-confidence.  Members can participate in the Livingston Parish Fair exhibiting their livestock, or participate in projects like homemaking, agriculture, or a host of other contests.  Club Sponsors:  Mrs. Sarah Strahan and Mrs. Catherine Ducote    

Book Club

Do you like to read and talk about books?  If your answer is YES, then the Book Club is for YOU!  Join us each month as we read and discuss popular middle grade fiction. 

Club sponsor:  Mrs. Erica Thompson

Chess Club

Learn to play chess.  No competition; just a fun, safe place for students to learn and interact with other students.  Club Sponsor:  Ms. Broussard


FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a faith-based, student-led club for athletes and all other students.  At each monthly meeting, the club plays team-building games, listens to Christian music, and listens to a motivational speaker with a Christian message to inspire and encourage students to live out their faith among their peers.  FCA also puts their faith into action; club members are encouraged and given opportunities to participate in community service projects.  Club Sponsors:  Mrs. Joy Lewis and Mrs. Amber Richardson 

Junior Beta Club

The Junior Beta Club focuses on top-notch academics and requires those involved to be service-minded and quality representatives of the academic and behavioral expectations of our school.  Club membership is only attained through invitation based on student merit and teacher recommendation.  Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Umbach

Junior Beta_edited.png
Model Kit Club

Club members will focus on engineering ideas and will work together to replicate models of machinery.  Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Jessica Dees

Puzzle/Coloring Club

We will share different strategies of putting puzzles together, but MOSTLY, we will enjoy taking a break from the stresses of real life by putting puzzles together and coloring pictures. Doing puzzles can help with stress relief, short term memory, and it boosts mindfulness. Both coloring and doing puzzles can be therapeutic for anyone who just needs to clear their minds.  Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Rachel Woods

RPG Club

The RPG Club promotes team building and creative thinking through the use of the fantasy role playing game HeroQuest. Tabletop role playing is a great opportunity for students to make new friends with other peers who have the same interests and may come from a different background.  Club Sponsor:  Mr. Ariza

D and D.jpg
Science Club

The Science Club is a hands-on learning environment.  Members are taught to question, investigate, and explore.  The Science Club meets once a month during Club Day, and members will either participate in an experiment or get to learn from a guest speaker.  You never know who's going to show up or what we're going to get into.  Club Sponsors:  All science teachers

Sports Club

Team Sports Club is focused on helping members be active and healthy.  We also provide a wide range of sports activities for a diverse student population, with an emphasis on student development, leadership, teamwork, and social skills.  Members must maintain a C average and have zero disciplinary issues.  Students will engage in physical activity during club meetings. 

Club Sponsors:  Coach J. Pechon, Coach Lewis, Coach Garrett, and Coach Wilkinson 

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